2014 / BBC3 / 3 X 28mins / Arri Alexa / BBC In House

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Luke is arrested when he inadvertently becomes the getaway driver for his best friend Jason, who has just robbed a bank. He is then forced to share a cell Jason for the duration of his imprisonment.




  • Ellis James
  • Kadiff Kirwan
  • Ricky Champ
  • Cariad Lloyd
  • Theo Barklam Briggs
  • Ed Kear



Production Team

  • Written by Dan Swimer and Adam Kay
  • Produced by James Farrell
  • Directed by Alex Winckler
  • Designed by Julian Nagel
  • Director of Photography: Rob Kitzmann
  • Costume by Amanda Monk
  • Production Manager: Ian Locker
  • Edited by Calum Ross